Kitty Counter!

Iris Carrera

Fave Kitty Friend - Rebel Kitty , Fave cat hobby - snuggling

Kat Beame

Name of cat overlord: Apollo, also known as Pilly/ Pillow/ PillPill/ PillyBilly.
Favorite cat hobby: Playing feather tag and pulling down curtains.

Lex Myers

Name of cat overlord: Thumbelina, A.K.A. Thumbles, so named because she’s a polydactyl and thus has thumbs. Favorite kitty hobby: Outrunning her psychopathically jealous dog housemate, Murphy.

Aimee Soucy

Favorite kitty: pretty much any one that I see - except the white one across the street. Favorite kitty hobby: running from room to room with no reason.

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